About Us

retro-fairy.com is a North America based Online Clothing Boutique that provides vintage reproduction clothing and accessories. We are dedicated to provide vintage lovers with unique clothing of various vintage styles, including Period drama inspired, cottagecore,  30s-50s, etc. , We want to help each customers stand out from the crowd and realize their unique vintage dreams. 

About Our Products

We work with Some qualified suppliers and designers who have years of experience in the apparel industry. They are producing products in small quantities instead of mass production and are working in a very clean and safe environment  for  40-hour working per week with very equal pay.

Our handmade products also mostly take more than 7 days to produce and only produce on demand. That’s why some products will need to wait more than 7 days before shipping. Some products take more than 2 weeks to produce in order to guarantee the product quality.  Overtime work are not encouraged even it may take longer to produce the products, so as to guarantee the quality. This is also the core of 'Slow Fashion' which we are pursuing.

Some of our Partnering Designers



About Sustainability

We are currently striving to build a sustainable and Eco-friendly clothing brand. We have lots of product that are made of cotton and linen materials, and our handmade collections are mostly made of skin-friendly cotton/linen fabric. Our handmade collection is made by some experienced tailors and our cooperating designer. Some of them needs production time of 7-10 days and only produce on demand. Many of our products are also in limited quality instead of mass production. We are working towards becoming a sustainable and ethical brand , and bring our customers more sustainable fashion items. 








369 reviews

This dress was so amazing and I got so many compliments. It was comfortable and the shipping was very fast as well. 10 out of 10, you should definitely buy it.

Much better than I expected!

I’m so happy with my dress! I’m a Gunne Sax size 11 and ordered the size L dress. It could be a bit roomier in the bust but I’m still really happy with how it came out. The print is impeccably reproduced, the fabric is so light and airy, and the construction is superb! I’m looking forward to purchasing another Retro Fairy reproduction soon, they take a long time to arrive, but they are well worth it! Thank you so much!

Vintage dress

I love the vintage style. The dress is great to wear. It suits romantic moments. The Victorian era is over, but it may come back one day.

Vintage dress

I love vintage dress

cute and came promptly!

I have this daisy themed outfit I'm planning, and this was the perfect corset to give the puffy dress I plan to wear some shape! I wanted to send these picture with a similar loose fabric and yeah, this corset is snug and fitting! The mesh and boning is of great quality and I couldn't be happier!

Warning though!!! Nothing on the product itself, but I'd recommend getting the size you typically order in stores maybe a size up to be safe. Honestly nothing on the sizing chart but it put me at about a large with it's measurements but I think that would've been a bit, well, large on me! I typically buy small shirts for a snug fit, but I assumed sizing up would be in my best interest, and I was certainly correct! This is just my own recommendation of course but I think this sizing makes for a better fit as I cant imagine a large or extra large would hug me as well as what I received!

I hope this review may have helped someone!