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I love the skirt and the blouse so much!! They are beautiful and I love that you can tighten the waist

It's gorgeous!

Definitely much prettier and more well made than I expected. I love all the little details. It fits nicely, however the arm holes are very tight and make it difficult to move. I hate that they don't include the size of the sleeves in the sizing guide but oh well 🤷 Other than that it's literally perfect.


It's cute and comfortable

embroidery dress and blouse

good quality fabric.
the dress was well made to the details though the blouse had some flaws on the collar hem but that's forgivable because of the lovely little hair clip I received as a surprise gift.
In general I am very pleased and I feel like this would be my favourite dress.

love it!

nice fabric and details. as I expected.
it came with a cute hair-thingy as a surprise gift.
made my day!